The Eve V is the Surface Pro I Want

The Microsoft Surface Pro series is great, but they have been neglecting the USB-C train for a while now. Microsoft claims that it isn't mainstream enough yet for them to throw their own weight behind it, and many machines only have a single USB-C connection - and if you want regular USB, you'll need a hug (which is garbage). The Eve V is pretty much a Surface Pro - but it includes a pair of USB-C ports. While you may think that Microsoft would be angry, they will actually be showcasing this machine at Computex. Also Microsoft themselves have invested a fair bit of money into this hardware.

Other specs apparently decided upon by committee are a slightly thicker chassis than the Surface Pro to allow for a bigger battery, and Intel Core i5 or i7 Y-series processors — that’s the low-power line that used to be called Core M before Intel confusingly rebranded it. Karatsevidis claims that the Eve V’s cooling system allows the processor to run at top speed for longer, and the selection of chips allowed for a fanless design.

Source: TheVerge