Microsoft's E3 2016 Promises

I'm a fan of these articles where people actually look back at shows like E3 and see if companies actually lived up to all the promises they made. Kotaku takes a look at Microsoft at the E3 show last year and takes a look at if they lived up to their promises or if they were just hoping people would forget about it.

E3 is right around the corner, and that means we’re about to get deluged with colossal news and shiny new trailers. And as we do every year before the hype, let’s first take a look back to see if the three console makers delivered on all the grand promises they made at last year’s E3. Up first: Microsoft.

E3 2016’s buzz and excitement was overshadowed by the horrific mass shooting at an Orlando gay nightclub on Sunday, June 12. Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo each took the time to acknowledge the tragedy at their press events, in a show of solidarity and support to the LGBT community. Overall, the press events from the big three had the usual: some expected reveals and surprises, with leaks prior to the E3 festivities taking away from the latter.