IBM Creates 5nm Chip

Intel, AMD and NVIDIA do a lot of chip manufacturing and design, but lately it is IBM that has taken the "shrinking-die" crown. They have just beaten their old 7nm process with a miniscule 5nm process. That means the chip can actually pack 30 billion switches onto a chip the size of a fingernail. The previous 7nm process was topped out at 20 billion switches on the same size die. That's pretty incredible.

IBM's said it's using a new type of transistor, called stacked silicon nanosheets, to pack transistors this closely together. The nanosheet transistor sends electrons through four gates, as opposed to the current-generation FinFET transistor design that sends electrons through three gates. FinFET (short for fin field-effect transistor) began appearing in 22nm and 14nm chips and are expected to continue being used with 7nm chips.

Source: Forbes