Apple HomePod

Apple announced their HomePod at WWDC, which in a sense Apple's response to the Amazon Echo and Google Home digital assistants. HomePod is aiming more for a "music first" approach but you'll be able to use Siri for some digital assistant tasks. Basically it ends up that the HomePod is probably more competitive with products from Sonas than other digital assistant devices which has people scratching their heads a little and wondering how this product will do in the marketplace. The Verge takes a closer look.

Much of Apple's presentation was centered around this music-first approach, highlighting things like beamforming audio designed to tune music to the space the speaker is in. The fact that HomePod includes Siri support for home assistant queries like unit conversion, news, weather, traffic, sports, reminders, and timers almost seemed like an afterthought, as did the fact that it serves as a hub for controlling HomeKit-powered smart home devices.