Android App Pick #211 - Super Mario Run

Application: Super Mario Run

Good Day! Spring has sprung, supper is getting closer and E3 is currently in full swing! I and up and running with a new phone myself and have loaded it up with a few new games. That's not all that's running! This week we have picked a legend in the gaming world as our pick this week is Super Mario Run. It originally launched on iOS, but our turn has come.

Super Mario Run


While several other “run” games are third person - positioned behind the runner, Super Mario Run stays with the classic side-scroller. you certainly can play levels. Play through different levels, defeat enemies, collect coins and save the princess, just as you do in every other great Super Mario game. 

Super Mario Run Super Mario Run Super Mario Run


Mario starts off each level running and all you have to do is tap to jump, double tap or press and hold to get great air. If you do fall into a pit, you get a couple chances to continue, as a bubble brings you back on screen and backwards through the level. You can do the tour (levels) or rank up in the rally spot. The rally puts you PvP against a friend or random opponent around the globe and you must collect more coins than your opponent in the rally level. The more coins you get the more items you can unlock. You can also do bonus levels that will help you earn coins and tickets so you can rally. It truly is more fun than a barrel of monkeys! 

Super Mario Run Super Mario Run Super Mario Run


Ready, set, run Mario run! 


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