Why people cut the cord on cable

Every month or so there is a new study that polls people and asks them if they'll be cutting the cord from their cable provider in the next year. The folks over at TiVo asked the question just to people who've made the switch "why did you cut the cord?". Not surprisingly cost was a factor, I'm just a little surprised at how big of a factor it was. Poor customer service and quality of service were also factors but not the deciding factor. DSLReports has the story.

"37.1% of respondents spent at least $101 per month -- with some spending more than $150 per month -- on pay-TV services alone," notes the report, which indicates that this is a percentage of users that increased 2.3% quarter over quarter.

With a growing number of streaming alternatives emerging, and companies like Charter now blindly imposing rate hikes in utter tone-deafness to what should be obvious industry trends, there's every indication this pattern (both cable TV price hikes, and the subsequent defections by frustrated consumers) will only accelerate.

After price, the survey found that use of streaming alternatives (57.6%) and use of over the air antennas (32.5%) were the most common reasons given by users that cut the cord.