YotaPhone 3 is Coming

It's been a while since the original YotaPhone was launched and the dual-screen (one LCD and one e-Ink) device showed promise. The YotaPhone 2 was a worth successor as it had a solid hardware package as well as better screens front and back. Now the YotaPhone 3 is coming and while I hoped for a mid-range to high-end device to help curb my eBook reader and mutlimedia desires, it looks like the YotaPhone 3 is going to be mid-range at best. The phone will be priced my more attractively though - which I'm sure is the biggest reason for the lower specs. 

Now, a couple months after its last update in May, at an event in China, the firm has once again announced that the YotaPhone 3 is coming. Although the company was fairly mum about a majority of the details of the handset, it did manage to give pricing, which should see the phone come in at $350 for the 64GB version, while the 128GB model will arrive at $450. Naturally, like its predecessor, the handset will arrive with a dual screen, one full color and the other being an E-ink.

Source: Neowin