Spotify Tops 140 Million Users

Spotify is on the way up in a hurry. Back in March, they claimed to have 50 million monthly users - which is the same amount that Netflix has in the USA - not a bad crowd at all. Things have been heating up since then however, as they now have nailed the 140 million user mark. While this seems like a fantastic service, currently Spotify hasn't secured licensing deals with Sony or Warner music, and until that happens, they are just one meeting from virtual oblivion. With this kind of user base, Sony and Warner think they can milk the service, and that in turn could push it deeper in debt and into the pages of history as another failed streaming service.

The numbers are truly massive, and they show just how much of a lead Spotify has over Apple Music, which recently announced it has 27 million subscribers. Given its subscriber growth rate, Spotify should have no trouble keeping its lead as the biggest paid music streaming service over Apple. But while that may be comforting to Spotify, right now its troubles are largely financial.

Source: TheVerge