FCC proposes $120 million dollar fine for robocalls

The FCC has just proposed the biggest fine ever, a hefty $120 million dollars for illegal robocalls over a 3 month period. The recipient of the fine made nearly 100 million illegal calls in 3 months. I'm going to go out on a limb and say the person being fined won't have the financial means to pay the fine, but hopefully it will be a deterrent for the future. The Hill has the story.

The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday proposed a $120 million fine, its largest ever, on a Florida man who is suspected of making nearly 100 million illegal robocalls over a three-month period.

FCC officials said that Adrian Abramovich of Miami apparently made 96 million “spoofed” robocalls in an attempt to lure consumers into buying into vacation packages and timeshares.

The proposed fine is based on 80,000 such calls that the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau verified as originating from Abramovich.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai added that the operation may have disrupted medical services.