AMD EPYC Server CPUs are pretty awesome

AMD has unveiled their EPYC server CPUs and from what we've seen so far, EPYC is probably the right name as they are "wiping the floor with Xeon chips". AMD appears to be beating their Xeon competition in both performance and price at all levels which is going to put some pretty good pressure on Intel to either up their game or drop their prices. ZDNET takes a closer look at the new EPYC chips from AMD.

Now there's a lot to EPYC, so much so that I will pull together a deeper dive later this week, but the one standout feature of the new platform is how it can beat a 2-socket Intel Xeon setup in every price point from $400 to $4,000, with the gap between EPYC and Xeon ranging from 23 percent to a whopping 70 percent.