Laser Only Vaporized Bad Bugs

The gentlemen over at Intellectual Ventures Labs have been working on a "Photonic Fence" that is the Sci-Fi laser grid that we have all dreamed about. This fence will only keep out bad bugs though as a series of sensors, cameras and more detect bug movement, velocity, wing-beats and more and identify it as harmful or helpful before zapping it into oblivion. I don't see how this could fail! I'd would hate to be the guy downrange of this though when someone hacks a ransomware onto it. Pay up or we fry everything that moves. Zing! Either way, it's a nifty idea to protect crops and orchards.

It's not yet clear when the trial began nor when the results are expected, although the test was slated to start this summer. There's still a ways to go before the Photonic Fence becomes available to individual farmers (nor corporations), not to mention us regular folks who want a good bug zapper for our balconies or porches. Still, pending the test results, it shouldn't be too long before we can keep our plants and living areas safe from harmful pests.

Source: Engadget