Amazon and Dish to enter wireless market?

Well here is a good rumor for a Friday, Amazon and Dish are looking at a partnership to enter the wireless industry. I think it would be fair to say not many people saw this one coming and lately the only news coming from the wireless industry is the small guys getting gobbled up by the big guys at a record pace. Both companies have some big dollars behind them and Amazon in particular has lots of future plans that having their own wireless network could be a huge plus. I'm sure most people will agree that more competition in the wireless market wouldn't be a bad thing, especially by a company like Amazon who is famous for undercutting everyone on price. TechSpot has the story.

Two of the largest players in their respective industries have reportedly discussed a partnership to enter the cutthroat wireless business.

Sources familiar with the matter tell The Wall Street Journal that Amazon boss Jeff Bezos and Dish Network CEO Charlie Ergen – both described as eccentric billionaires with “geek tendencies” and similar interests in robotics and space – have developed a friendship over the past year.

The two have reportedly even discussed a possible joint venture to enter the wireless business with a couple of different ideas having been floated.