Hard Drive Cost per Gigabyte

Hard Drive prices have pretty much hit rock bottom and while the price has been dropping over the past few years, it's now reached a place where companies can't drop the price much more - or they will all go broke. The good thing is that the prices are pretty affrodable all around. Right now if you want the most storage for your money and need to stretch your cost-per-GB dollar, the 4TB drive is probably the way to go. Usually, a smaller drive costs more per GB, but the 6TB and 8TB drives haven't dropped to the point where they are cheaper than the 4TB version at this point. Cost per GB is a mere $0.025 per GB. Yup, less than 3¢/GB.

The manufacturing and marketing efficiencies that drive the pricing of hard drives seems to have changed over time. For example, the 6 TB drives have been in the market at least 3 years, but are not even close to the cost per gigabyte of the 4 TB drives. Meanwhile, back in 2011, the 3 TB drives models fell below the cost per gigabyte of the 2 TB drives they “replaced” within a few months.

Source: Backblaze