Net Neutrality - Day of Action

Chances are good you've probably seen some buzz today as more than 80,000 websites join the protest against the FCC's decision to reverse net neutrality. Basically net neutrality in one line is the law that makes it illegal filter content or slow down speeds for different types of content in the United States. Of the 80,000 sites joining the protest, the big guys like Facebook, Amazon, and Google, are taking part so chances are good you'll see a banner or some type of notice as you surf the internet today while pretending to be working. CNBC has more on the net neutrality day of action.

More than 80,000 websites including giants such as Facebook, Amazon and Google, are taking part in an online protest on Wednesday against the U.S. telecoms regulator's plan to roll back net neutrality rules.

Under the Barack Obama administration in 2015, rules were put in place that meant internet service providers (ISPs) such as Comcast, Charter, and AT&T, had to treat all internet content equally. Essentially these ISPs are not allowed to block content or speed up or slow down data from certain websites.