No one reads the terms of service

It's not surprising that no one reads the terms of services, as made evident by Purple (free wi-fi service provider) when they added a clause in that users that agree to the terms could be required to put in 1,000 hours of community service cleaning public washrooms (among other things). In the two weeks the fun clause got added in, 22,000 people didn't notice and only 1 found the clause. Mashable has the full story.

Public Wi-Fi provider Purple added a spoof term to its T&Cs on its network of branded hotspots to illustrate the "lack of consumer awareness" of what people are signing up to when accessing free Wi-Fi portals. 

In agreeing to the spoof T&Cs, people unwittingly agreed to a "community service clause" which signed them up to clean portaloos, hug stray cats, and paint snails' shells. Wow.