Huawei Matebook is More Beautiful than Useful

The Huawei Matebook looks like a winner. It is sleek, boasts solid specs and looks pretty darn fantastic. That's about where the good stuff ends though. While the entry-level unit has a Core i5 processor, 256GB of fast storage, 8GB of RAM, a high resolution display and Dolby Atmos sound. The keyboard is even quite nice. Things go downhill from there though as the trackpad is pretty much useless, only one USB-C port works to charge the laptop, and you'll have to get used to a pile of dongles if you want connectivity. It's far from perfect and it's not that much cheaper than a Microsoft Surface that has a proven track record.

Battery life was my biggest concern going into this MateBook X review, and I was unfortunately right to worry. I can’t get more than six hours off a single charge with the MateBook X, even when I’m being frightfully efficient and just writing in a lightweight text editor and browsing the web. Typically, this laptop will start demanding a charger around the five-hour mark, which to me is an unacceptable trade-off for its extreme thinness.

Source: TheVerge