Porsche Laptop

It's always interesting to see companies that try to get into markets that they aren't familiar with and then 9 out of 10 times struggle. Today's expample is from Porsche who've come out with a "Luxary" brand ultraportable, the Porsche Design Book One. The design is similar to the Surface Book with it's detachable screen, but the price of course is the biggest difference you'll see, starting at a hefty $2,500. Now the market has shown that people will pay a premium price for a premium product, however, The Verge takes a look a the Porsche Design Book One and has a few quetions...

I've been fascinated by Porsche cars for years. Even as a teenager I would keep scrapbooks of the latest models, and visit car showrooms to see the exquisite 911 Turbo. While Porsche is known throughout the world as a sports car maker, its name can also be found on many other products, such as phones and headphones, thanks to a subsidiary named Porsche Design. The latest product from the firm is a computer, one of my other favorite fascinations.

Porsche Design’s Book One is designed to be an alternative to Microsoft’s Surface Book. Unlike Porsche Design’s Huawei Mate 9 phone, the laptop is unique in both its design and functionality. It flips like a Lenovo Yoga, and the screen detaches like a Surface Book. A strange hinge does all the work, while echoing the look of a gearbox that might be found in a sports car.