Apple Moves to 4K and HDR

Apple is innovating the streaming industry as they have just started to release a select number of titles in 4K and HDR. While their selection is pretty small, it's a giant step for consumers as this type of content has previously only been available on Netfix, Hulu, PopcornTime, PopFlix, Shazam, YouTube, Kodi, XBMC, StreamALot, MyVids, LiveStream, Crave, Shomi, LiveTV, CBC, NBC, CSpan and Teletoon.

Ok, so everyone else has been doing it for a long time. Still, it's nice that Apple finally realized that people want good content.

Not all movies are listed as "4K, HDR" at this time, and it may be region specific for now. One reader from the United States shared a screenshot of Passengers still being listed as "Film (HD)" in his iTunes purchase history. MacRumors can confirm "4K, HDR" has appeared in both the UK and Canada at least. 

Source: MacRumors