Zuckerberg for President?

The rumor floating around for a while has been that Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) wants to run for president. Silly rumor right? Well the rumors keep going thanks to Mark hiring one of Hilary Clinton's pollsters which only get the rumor going even more. The official reasoning behind the hiring is to help them with research for their nonprofit but I think it's safe to say the rumor probably isn't going anywhere as Zuckerberg is touring the country as part of his "Year of Travel". The Hill takes a closer look at the Zuckerberg for President rumors.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg hired Hillary Clinton’s former pollster as the tech mogul denies he’s running for president.

Joel Benenson, the chief strategist in Clinton’s 2016 campaign, is conducting research for Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan’s nonprofit, the Zuckerberg-Chan initiative, Politico reported Wednesday.

While Benenson’s work, done through his company Benenson Strategy Group, will focus on the couple’s philanthropy, it gives Zuckerberg access to a top pollster as rumors emerge of a potential presidential run.