Bitcoin Up After Bouncing Back from Split

Last week Bitcoin suffered a bit of turmoil as the cryptocurrency split up into two different forks. One is called Bitcoin Cash and the other is still called Bitcoin. The split caused a bit of instability for a few days to the original currency, but it has since bounced back with a 9% gain. This means that one mere Bitcoin is worth over $3,000 USD at time of writing. That is incredible and if you are still mining Bitcoin, good for you. Make sure to cash out though before your wallet gets hacked. With prices like this, there is certainly incentive for people to hack your Bitcoin account.

Bitcoin will almost certainly remain a highly volatile asset, but its latest high reflects a major positive development. After years of heated debate over how to increase the Bitcoin network’s transaction capacity, major players have finally agreed on a compromise solution known as Segwit2x.

Source: Fortune