Xbox One to Get a New UI

Microsoft is always on the mission to change things up and make their interfaces more intuitive, and I hate it. When I finally figure out where and how to do things on the Xbox One, they go ahead and roll out a new layout and I am lost once again. I finally figured out the latest changes, so it's about the right time for them to swap things again. This new UI will be customizable though - in ways that the current UI isn't. This could be a good thing and I could put things back to the original Xbox One UI. That was the easiest to navigate in my opinion.

The Home screen has been restructured, adding suggestions for new friends (and maybe an ad or two), but the big change is the new hot bar at the bottom. The first button sends users straight to their game library, but the next few are recently-played games or apps -- a nice addition, if available elsewhere, that keeps you from having to dig around for your last-loaded title.

Source: Engadget