Lease your next smartphone

Sprint has come out with their newest plan, called Sprint Flex, which will let you lease your next cell phone and upgrade every 12 months. Previously Sprint had a similar plan that allowed you to upgrade every 18 months, however, that appears to have been too long for some and for another $5 a month you can move on up to upgrading every 12 months instead. The whole idea of leasing a phone is a bit different concept but the fact is that most people don't really care about keeping their old cell phone once they've got a new one. Time will tell how this program is adopted by Sprint's customers and I would guess that if people start getting onboard you'll see other providers coming up with similar plans shortly. The Verge has the details.

Sprint is hoping that updates to its phone leasing program and the option to upgrade any smartphone annually will help improve its standing in the wireless market. The company has been taking some drastic steps lately in pursuit of that goal — including offering new customers an entire year of free, unlimited data service with relatively few strings attached. Now, Sprint will let subscribers lease any smartphone it sells and upgrade in 12 months. Previously that deal was only good for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy smartphone customers.