Amazon vs. Ticketmaster?

Looks like Amazon might be branching out once again as the rumors have it that they are looking to start doing event-ticketing, a market that is dominated by Ticketmaster. I'm sure a little competition would probably be good for the market as Ticketmaster is far and away the biggest and it's hard to feel too sorry for them when you go to buy a $15 ticket and then get smacked with $12 of service fees. The Consumerist breaks down the rumors.

Though many have tried, no online ticket sellers have even come close to touching Ticketmaster. It doesn’t hurt that its parent company is Live Nation, which owns or operates many of the biggest concert venues and promotes the biggest touring acts. Is Amazon one of the few companies with enough size and reach to actually take on Ticketmaster? We might soon find out.

Reuters, citing sources familiar with the matter, reports that Amazon is looking to partner with venue owners to sell tickets to sporting games, concerts, and other events.