Netflix to spend $7 Billion on content in 2018

Netflix is going full steam ahead into 2018 and has announced that they'll be putting $7 billion dollars into content next year. In 2017 they've invested $6 billion, which was an increase of a billion over 2016 so the trend seems to be that Netflix is growing at a pretty good pace. The amount of money that Netflix is throwing around is starting to be questioned if it can be sustainable, but for the time being they seem to have people buying in and it's making the other streaming service (and other traditional media formats) really have to pull up their socks in an attempt to stay viable. The Streaming Observer has more on this story.

Now that Apple has seemingly lost its spark, Netflix has become the most talked-about company in the world – and for good reason.

The streaming innovator is in the middle of disrupting several industries, having completely revolutionized television and now poised to do the same with the film industry. The company’s commitment to innovation has put Netflix head and shoulders above its closest streaming competitors in terms of both subscriber totals and critical acclaim; Netflix dominated other streaming services in this year’s Emmy Award nominations, picking up a total of 91 different nominations, proving that their original series and films are true forces to be reckoned with.