Nokia 8

The latest and greatest from Nokia is launching, dubbed the Nokia 8. This new Nokia phone is using the Nokia name but it a partnership by a company called HMD Global which hopes to bring Nokia back to its former glory days.

Now it's no surprise that the smartphone market is crowded, with Samsung and Apple being the big players and a whole truckload of others all scrambling for market share. The Nokia 8 has something that no one else does with a new "killer feature" which they are calling the 'bothie'. So basically what the 'bothie' feature will do is use both cameras at the same time which will allow you to either take a picture or record video of you as well as what you are looking at. Now the idea seems a little silly, and who knows how popular it'll be, but for the somehow hugely popular YouTube streaming audience it might actually be something they grab onto. Now of course, if it is to take off, I would assume everyone else will come out with the same thing, but until that time, the Nokia 8 is your device.

The Guardian has more.

Nokia has launched the most important new handset in its attempts to revitalize the once world-beating brand for the modern smartphone era dominated by Samsung, Apple and China’s Huawei.

The Nokia 8 marks the culmination of efforts to bring the Finnish telecoms brand back to the mainstream handset market, which kicked off six months ago with the nostalgia-inducing remake of the classic Nokia 3310 feature phone.