The Essential Phone

You may have heard about the Essential Phone a time or two, but now, you can actually buy one. The Essential Phone is the brainchild of one of the co-founders of Android and is touted to be the perfect Android phone. Well the buzz around the Essential Phone has been pretty good for a while, however, it doesn't seem like it's blowing people away. ComputerWorld gets their hands on it and shares their thoughts here.

Perhaps one of the most poorly named products in recent memory, the new Essential phone arrives just in time to make us wonder why it even exists.

Using a “modular” design, the idea is to add pieces like a 360-degree camera or maybe some sort of connected home gadget to the smartphone, which runs a stock version of Android. It also uses a slick black enclosure, something that might make you think of a recent Blackberry model. And, the screen runs all the way to the edge. Hmm.

Here’s my problem with it. While the modular design seems novel (Motorola does the same thing) and I’m impressed that any company would even try to go up against Apple and Samsung, there’s already some signs that this will be an uphill climb.