Android Oreo?

The next version of Android has been speculated to be coming for a while, and the naming pattern leaves us most likely with a food starting with the letter 'O'. Well thanks to a video post of Google+. it looks like the Android Oreo name might have just been leaked. Luckily someone was still checking Google+ otherwise we would have all missed this. The Verge has the full story.

It’s been a long, confusing road, but a file attached to a Google+ post announcing the newly announced Android O eclipse teaser may have finally revealed that Android O will in fact be called Android Oreo. The file’s name was caught by Android Police, who noted that the (now deleted) video post on Google+ was called “GoogleOreo_Teaser_0817_noDroids (1).mp4”, which would seem to confirm — or at least, strongly imply — that the next version of Google’s mobile OS will be named after milk’s favorite cookie.