Nintendo SNES Classic preorders turned into a gong show

People has been patiently waiting for the pre-orders on the SNES Classic from Nintendo to finally go online and apparently yesterday was that day. Unfortunately, like we predicted on WeeklyTechUpdate, it didn't go smoothly. Of course there wasn't nearly enough pre-orders available and everyone sold out pretty much immediately and some stores in an attempt to prevent scalpers and robo-buyers from getting them didn't let anyone know the pre-orders would be going live. In the end it doesn't look like many people ended up scooping up a pre-order and if the stock was that limited for pre-orders I'd think on the 29th of September when they arrive in stores officially you won't be seeing many there either. CNET has more on this story.

I sure hope you weren't hoping to preorder the Super NES Classic Edition, the pint-size remake of one of Nintendo's most beloved game consoles. Because Nintendo doesn't seem to want your $80, £80 or AU$120.

How else would you explain what loyal Nintendo fans went through in the past 18 hours?