HTC looking to sell?

The rumor of the day is that HTC is looking to sell either part or all of their business. Now this rumor probably isn't too surprising to most as HTC has been having a hard time competing in a overcrowded mobile market. While HTC has produced some top notch phones, they just haven't sold like they were hoping. While the mobile business it HTC's big focus, it sounds like their VR business (HTC Vive) is also on the block for sale. CNBC has more details.

HTC made its name building smartphones for carriers before launching HTC-branded devices, such as the popular One M7 that it sold several years ago. As competition from Samsung and Apple ramped up, however, HTC had a hard time maintaining its consumer base and, as a result, its carrier partnerships.

It also lost several key executives over the past couple of years, including CEO Peter Chou, who was replaced by Cher Wang in 2015.