Galaxy Note 8 Trade-up Has Some Trade-offs

If you purchased and got excited that Samsung offered a $425 trade-in credit if you snag a Note 8, you may want to read the fine print before you get too excited. First, the offer is only available at - Canadians (and residents of other countries) need not apply. Also, keep in mind that the $425 credit is the maximum amount. If you have a $50 pay-and-talk phone, you certainly won't get that much credit. Also, you will need your original sales receipt for the Note 7, a credit card bill showing that you actually paid for it, a bill from your Telco showing that it was activated and a copy of your contract. No big deal. If you jump through all the hoops, you may get some credit. Maybe.

But if you were burned by the double recall after multiple units overheated and caught fire in 2016, it won't be as easy as raising your hand to get the deal. There are conditions, as there always are. For the most part, the Note 7 trade-in program fits right in to Samsung's existing program for new phones, with just one extra caveat. In fact, the last update to terms and conditions occurred August 14, more than a week before the August 23 Note 8 event.

Source: CNET