Tim Cook is doing just fine

Tim Cook is having a pretty good 2017 thanks to a nice $89.2 million dollar stock bonus he received this week. The stock is part of a 10-year deal he signed when he took over and has increased in value as Apple's stock price has gone up. Half of the stock was giving to him based on performance, the other half was simply because he was still at Apple. I'm sure no one will have an issue with this big payday, I'm sure he works hard... CNBC has the story.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has collected $89.6 million as part of a 10-year deal that he signed as an incentive to keep the iPhone maker at the forefront of the technology industry after he took over the reins in 2011 from company co-founder Steve Jobs.

The windfall detailed in a Monday regulatory flowed from 560,000 Apple shares sold during the past week.

Cook received half the award because Apple's stock delivered shareholder returns in the top third of the Standard & Poor's 500 index during the past three years.

He got the other 280,000 shares for simply staying on the job.