Best Buy salesperson will now come to your house

Best Buy is trying out a new service where they will send a salesperson to your house to give you recommendations on what gadgets you need (or need to upgrade). While I guess you do have to give Best Buy credit for trying something new, I can honestly say the last thing I want is for a Best Buy salesperson to be following me around my house trying to score a sale. I can understand people wanting advice on what they need, but sometimes getting it from a salesperson (who is employed based on the fact that he makes sales) might not be the best way to get the job done. The Verge has the full story.

Best Buy has found that shoppers spend more money when at home than in store. CEO Hubert Joly says the in-house service is one way the company will open up “latent” customer demand. Sales associates are responsible for promoting the service — when customers ask about certain products, the salesperson will suggest an in-home visit. The topics discussed during the home visits usually involve recommendations for products and gadgets, and other services. Best Buy says the salespeople working in the in-home service receive hourly rates, or a salary, and not commissions. The company already operates a “Geek Squad” facility, but that’s a paid service that offers repairs and installations.