Bitcoin Passed $5,000 and is Climbing

Bitcoin is on a roll lately. It's been climbing and setting new records almost every week. This past week, a new milestone was set as it topped out over $5,000. There is no guarantee that this online money can keep its value at all - let alone keep climbing. I know that if I start investing time and energy into Bitcoin again, it will plummet. I'll stay away so the rest of you can make money. I have a feeling that we'll soon see a market correction and because of that, I sure wouldn't invest money into it right now. If I had coins though, you can bet I'd cash out. Maybe I could hold off and make a little more, but I'd still take my money and run - if I were me.

It’s not clear how long Bitcoin can maintain this sharp price increase going forward, many people believe the price of Bitcoin will go up and up with some saying that $10,000 or even $100,000 is possible. The last time Bitcoin saw an increase in price this sharp was back at the end of 2013 when the price dropped by 60% by 2015 before it managed to pull itself back together.

Source: Neowin