Mouse and Keyboard Support Finally Coming to Xbox One Games

Microsoft promised keyboard and mouse support for the Xbox One a while back, and the implementation is finally getting close. The downside is that the integration will be fairly open and nothing will be standard - or required. Developers aren't required to support it but Microsoft says that they encourage fair usage. However, the big concern is for multiplayer games where they think that it will give some people an unfair advantage if they "buy extra peripherals". I'm going to go out on a limb and say that most people already have a keyboard and mouse kicking around somewhere.

To some extent Microsoft has already been experimenting with support between Gears of War 4 (where there have been mixed-input online playlists) and Minecraft's Better Together update (which has some mouse and keyboard functionality). However, it's difficult to say how well support will pan out once compatible games arrive in earnest. Will studios honor Microsoft's recommendations? And if they do, will they risk splitting the community?

Source: Engadget