Samsung Note 8 Review - It's a Bit Better

The Galaxy Note 8 has been announced and while a year ago the Note 7 was easily a top-choice for premium phone users, the market is a lot more crowded now. Still, the Note 8 is a fantastic device that has a lot to offer. What it doesn't have is a lot more to offer than other devices - including the discontinued Note 7. At this point, phone hardware is evolving pretty slowly and changes are evolutionary - not so much revolutionary. I love my Galaxy S8 and this big brother is equally nice.

In addition, the Note 8’s larger size make its fingerprint scanner even more frustrating to use than it is on the S8. Like the S8, the scanner is on the back of the phone, to the right of the camera module. And like the S8, it takes some dedicated finger gymnastics to reach it. I’ve been using an S8 Plus for months and I’ve become somewhat accustomed to the annoying fingerprint scanner placement.

Source: TheVerge