Pi Can Charge Your Phone from a Distance

Wireless charging is pretty cool - but it does have limitations. In the past, Qi wireless charging has worked pretty well, but it is slower than the new phones that have fast charge available. That being said, there are new wireless chargers that are pretty fast as well. Still, the device has to make contact with the base in order to charge. All that is changing with the Pi wireless charger. It can now charge your phone as long as it is "close". That means there are even more radio waves slamming into your body and invading your home. Still, I think it's kind of handy. So is the natural radiation treatment this is delivering to cancer patients.

Despite Apple finally releasing phones with wireless charging, the technology has actually been around for several years. And the fact is, charging via a pad is still kind of a pain -- you can't really use them when they're being charged and you either need a charging pad for every device or one ginormous pad for all of your devices. There have been other companies that promise long-range wireless power before -- Energous' WattUp says it can charge devices up to 15 feet away -- but these products have yet to come to market.

Source: Engadget