Google Pixelbook is Google's New Chromebook Pixel

Google has been quite successful with their Chrome OS and while they push hard to deliver ultra-premium Chromebooks with the Chromebook Pixel and now the Pixelbook, I think the market is quite limited when it comes to $1,199 USD Chromebooks. I use my Chromebook for a cheap alternative that can travel without cringing. Still, it's a sweet unit that replicates more of a Macbook Pro than a cheaper unit. Would you pay $1,199 for a Chromebook?

Yep, Pixelbook is the official name, which kind of makes sense since the line used to be called Chromebook Pixel, yet Google appears to be ready to fully embrace the “Pixel” branding for hardware. Or does that make sense? I can’t decide, but am looking forward to the explanation on October 4.

Source: Droid-Life