NVIDIA GPU Prices to Keep Climbing

I'm sure  that both NVIDIA and AMD are loving the Cyptocurrency trend that is going on. Not only are gamers clamoring for the latest in graphics hardware - so are the miners. In addition to the short supply and huge demand, DRAM is currently in pretty short supply as well, so that means that GPU prices will not be dropping anytime in the relatively near future. If you want to get a GPU before Christmas - or for Christmas, get your order in now.

Samsung, SK Hynix, and Micron are all bringing in record profits right now, so all three seem reluctant to start a price war, and that could make prices prohibitively high and push down demand. But relief could come as Hynix has announced that it will increase its DRAM production capacity soon. If that shakes Samsung and Micron into reacting, then prices could stabilize and return to 2016 levels.

Source: VentureBeat