Exploding iPhone 8?

Uh oh, are we in for another round of exploding smartphones? Looks like there have been a few reports of bulging, and even exploding, iPhone 8 devices coming out and all of them seem to be faulty batteries. It didn't take much research to find out who made the batteries and ironically enough its the same company that built the Samsung Note devices that became famous for exploding. While this might just be coincidence, it might also be the beginning of a big problem for Apple. The Inquirer has more on this story.

AN EARLY ADOPTER of the iPhone 8 Plus claims that the handset has done its best Note 7 impression and 'exploded' while on charge.

According to reports, a woman named Wu from Taichung City in Taiwan purchased a 64GB iPhone 8 Plus on 23 September. 

On the third day of owning the device, Wu put her smartphone on charge and reports that, three minutes later, the handset 'exploded'. 

'Explode' is probably a bit dramatic, though. There are no burnt arses here, and instead, Wu saw the screen of her iPhone 8 Plus pushed out by what appears to be an inflating battery (above).