Microsoft Shuts Down Groove and Pushes Spotify

Microsoft has never had any success in the music scene. They tried years ago with the Zune program. At first, the deal was great. 10 downloads DRM-free, plus a full music subscription. It was there answer to iTunes, and it was better in every way. They cancelled it. Then they tried out Groove Music. It was worse in every way than iTunes and naturally, it failed as well. In fact, it never took off at all, but I guess at least they tried. Microsoft will move users to Spotify and if you're a Groove Music pass subscriber, you'll probably get a better experience.

Microsoft isn’t likely to come out and bluntly say that it has failed to capture any relevant market share in this space, but this move is about as clear an admission as any. The $9.99 Groove Music Pass subscription never offered any features to set it apart from Spotify, iTunes and similar services. To be fair, it was a perfectly competent music streaming service, but there was nothing special about it.

Source: TechCrunch