Roku Continues to Rock

Roku has really set the bar when it comes to streaming media boxes. While Apple TV may have a larger fan-base and be more popular because of the brand, the Roku box has dominated in features, content, plug-ins and more. Apple recently tried to play catch up by adding 4K content to their unit, but Roku has been doing that for years. In response to Apple's latest upgrade, they offer an upgrade of their own. The new hardware and software combination will enable and allow live-tv streaming as well. This is a nice touch that will help set the Roku head and shoulders above the competition.

As such, in a determined nose tweak to Apple, Roku's new hardware and version 8 of its operating system will pull in live TV and add it to its menu. In one example the company gives, a search for feature-length cartoon Sing provides the opportunity to rent or purchase it from a range of companies but also includes a live listing of its playing on broadcast TV with the start time.

Source: TheRegister