NVMe RAID Support Now Available for Threadripper

NVMe storage products are incredibly fast, and read speads of 3,500 MB/s and write speeds of 2,100 MB/s are possible - which is insane. The thing is, it could be faster. The new X399 chipset supports multiple NVMe storage options and the latest driver release now includes support for RAID across these slots. The result is that you can see throughput of up to 21,220 MB/sec. That's incredibly fast and would allow a Blu-Ray disk full of data to be copied in just over a single second. Any more reason not to switch to AMD's Threadripper?

Unsurprisingly, AMD seized the opportunity to show off some benchmarks with some fairly linear results with the addition of subsequent drives. While not everyone would be wanting to cram six NVMe solid-state drives inside their rig, it at least shows that the company's X399 platform is up to snuff, at least according to synthetic benchmarks. it also serves as a blow against Intel who is charging X299 users $99 for a physical virtual RAID on CPU (VROC) key to plug into the motherboard just to enable RAID1 and 10 functionality.

Source: Neowin