PUBG Closes in on 2 Million Players

Player Unknown Battle Grounds has come a long, long way in a relatively short time. DOTA 2 had an incredible 1 million concurrent users on Steam, but PUBG has somehow managed to approach and destroy that previous record. Over the weekend, there were over 16 million people logged into Steam at one point and 12% of them were playing PUBG. While this game is all the rage right now, for me, it means that I should stay away as there are likely 2 million people much better than me playing - right now.

Only available now on PC, PUBG is scheduled to launch for Xbox One later this year. Microsoft is publishing the game, and the company might be interested in extending its exclusivity deal with Bluehole, though this is not confirmed. PUBG could come to PlayStation 4 later, though no announcements have been made. Additionally, Bluehole has caught the attention of Epic Games, which has threatened the studio about the game over claims of its similarities to Fornite: Battle Royale.

Source: GameSpot