Microsoft Bezel-less Phone from 2014

Microsoft really has done a lot of things right over the years, but has given up on many ideas instead of staying invested in the project. One of these was music subscriptions - before they were cool - and the norm. Another was phone design - with the help of Nokia. One device that never made it to market was the Lumia 435 - an all-screen phone that was targeted at the low-end with a price of $200 back in the day. 

The display itself is pretty nice. It can get very bright, which is good for outdoor viewing, and although it's a 720p display, text, and images look sharp enough for a Windows phone. The only real complaint I have about the screen is that it's an LCD panel instead of OLED. An OLED screen would've made the "bezel-less-ness" feel a whole lot more edge to edge.

Source: WindowsCentral