Razer smartphone

The latest company to try to jump into the smartphone market is Razer, who is best know for their lineup of gaming products. Razer has made a pretty good name for themselves amongst gamers and of course the smartphone they are going to unveiling in the next couple weeks appears to have gamers in mind. From the leaked specs of their first smartphone, most things are pretty standard except the rumored memory of this phone could be sitting at 8GB. Until the official unveiling this is of course speculation, but maybe their appeal to the gaming crowd is enough to get people to buy a Razer phone for their next device. The Verge has the story.

Razer is supposedly planning to position its phone as a device for gaming, which makes sense given that Razer is a gaming company. Extra RAM ought to help with that, but it’s by no means a guarantee that this phone will perform better than its competitors. Ultimately, what’ll matter is how well the whole package has been optimized.

The phone will apparently be running a custom version of Android based on top of Nougat. That means it’ll be slightly out of date when it comes out, but it’s not too surprising to hear that there’ll be some customizations. Razer’s phone comes from the ashes of Nextbit, which built some really smart cloud features into the operating system. It’s possible we’ll see some of those once again here. (It’d be a waste if we didn’t!) And I wouldn’t be surprised to see Razer build in some custom gaming features, too. Here’s hoping for a Chroma integration.