Amazon Fire HD 10

Amazon has had a few misses when it comes to hardware, but their Kindle and Fire tablets have been winners for sure. The original Fire tablet was a winner with solid specifications and a price of ~$60 USD. They haven't released a new one for a few years, so it's high time that the Fire HD 10 makes its way into the market. It is a mere $150 and competes with tablets twice the price and offers some pretty great value and bang for the buck. There is a full review at the link below.

I don't expect much from a $150 tablet, but the Fire HD 10 surprised me -- first, with its sturdiness. The plastic case didn't flex when I tried to bend it, and there weren't any any noticeable creaking noises either. It feels like something that could take a tumble with ease. That makes it particularly well suited to children and the chronically clumsy. It's odd that Amazon didn't make an extra-strong "Kids Edition," even though it did for the smaller Fire 7 and HD 8.

Source: Engadget