Pi-Top Turns Raspberry Pi into an Expensive Laptop

I love the Raspberry Pi. I've currently got three of them doing various tasks and they are certainly worth their weight in Rubles. The latest Pi is quite powerful (for a $35 machines) and includes WiFi and Bluetooth to name a few features. It's fantastic for $35. How could you make it better? Make it portable with a laptop housing and have a Raspberry Pi powered laptop. This would be great for learning to code projects, but at $320 - it's priced way too high. That being said, it does have a 1080p panel.

The updated Pi-Top is easier to assemble than the first model, and features a clever adjustable keyboard, which slides forward to reveal the Pi itself, along with what the company calls the “Modular Rail,” where users can attach new components and Pi-Top accessories. The new Pi-Top comes with one compatible accessory out of the box; an “Inventor’s Kit” that consists of a breadboard and some basic components for building small projects, like LEDs; a microphone; and a motion sensor.

Source: TheVerge