Microsoft Updates Surface Book with the Surface Book 2

Microsoft has updated their very nice (albeit very expensive) Surface Book with the Surface Book 2. There are two different sizes available - the standard 13-inch version as well as a new 15-inch unit. The amazing thing is that even the smaller unit has option discreet NVIDIA graphics - when docked with the base. Also, the 13-inch model is fanless and that is a welcome change over the previous design that required a fan to keep it cool. The 15-inch unit has a fan, but it also has a more powerful CPU. Take a look at the hands-on at the link below.

I was told that the Surface Pen has 19ms latency with the Surface Book 2. When Panay originally announced the Pen alongside the Surface Pro, he said that with 21ms latency, it was the "fastest digital pen on the planet." By the time it shipped though, Apple announced the new iPad Pro, with a 20ms Pencil.

Source: Neowin