ZTE Axon M - Dual Screens with Awesome Potential

A few companies have talked about dual screen and foldable phones, but haven't delivered a product to market yet - that is, until now. ZTE is the company that "did it first" with their Axon M. This is a premium device that offers a lot of potential and I really do like the design. I'm not sure if I'd use one of these as my daily device, but it sure looks cool. Specifications are pretty solid as well with 4GB of RAM, Quad-core Qualcomm CPU, and 4K video recording.

Introducing the revolutionary foldable smartphone with dual screen technology that enables the true power of multitasking. Dual Mode provides virtually unlimited potential in app combinations so you can do more, all at once. Two identical Full HD screens combine to give you a stunning 6.75" tablet-like display. This Extended Mode lets you play games or watch your favorite shows on a larger screen, when and where you want to.

Axon M

Source: ZTEUSA