Microsoft Zune Forever!

Remember the Microsoft Zune?

It was supposed to be the iPod killer and gained a loyal following but Microsoft let it die much quicker than some people were hoping. Well the loyal following of Zune fans is still strong today and if you want to buy a Zune be prepared to pay more than you would of when they were on store shelves. The following is so loyal that Motherboard has done up an article looking at why people still care about the Zune.

It's hard to forget the Zune. After all, Microsoft's mid-2000s bid to sink the iPod with an MP3 player of its own was notable for its immense thirst.

The Zune, which was clunkier than the iPod and came in black, white, pink, and putrid shit-brown, desperately wanted to be cool. Unluckily, at the time of the Zune's release in 2006, Apple also began airing its "Get a Mac" ads, which cast Microsoft as terminally lame. Still, anti-Apple sentiment was strong even then among the nerds, and so the Zune was an underdog. Microsoft tried to capitalize on this, and counter Apple's messaging, with its own "edgy" ads and stunts like sponsoring a VICE event in Toronto.